Grevis Health is an experienced supplier of raw materials, engineering components, parts, processed food products and commodities.We often work with our clients in meeting their specific sourcing requirements, leveraging our network of quality manufacturers and suppliers in various centers of production and agriculture.

Some products currently offered

ClosuresWe supply closures which are manufactured under hygienic condition in dedicated manufacturing facilities and always endeavor to develop and maintain strong relationship with our customers & suppliers. Your product safety and quality is our concern.
PreformsThe preforms are made under stringent quality control conditions. This gives our customers trouble free production with near zero rejections which saves valuable time as well as minimizes their production costs. We understand relationships and value them.
FlavorsFlavor is the sensory impression of food substance. We source and supply gluten free  and other flavors in the liquid, Dry powder and in concentrated form. Our development research  procures for customers high quality flavors.

ChemicalsWe are a well equipped chemical exporter that caters to many industries. We offer innovative solutions that enable you to make the best use of your advantages. Grevis Health as a leading exporter, has an established presence  in Africa, South-East Asia and Middle East.
Packaging MaterialWe provide quality packing supplies and solutions to guarantee that your product arrives safely to its destination. We supply high quality packaging products at affordable rates which are available in multiple sizes, shapes.
RiceRice is one of the world’s most significant food crop. We maintain the flavor and aroma. Grevis Health is one of the most sensible quality of rice exporting Company. Our focus is on the quality of product.

MachineryMachinery for mineral water production plant,carbonated drinks plant(CSD) fruit juice production plant,clean rooms for pharma companies and hospitals ,panels.
Solar PanelsSolar power is nothing but converting energy from sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly using concentrated solar power. Concentrated solar power systems.
MedicinesGrevis Healthcare is a leading supplier and exporter of pharmaceutical and health care products for human., animal and poultry We market a wide range of products covering the WHO’s essential drug list.